​ChipNet® at the forefront of digital identity®

​FIDO security key ⭑ USB ⭑ NFC ⭑ Digital certificate

​Complex technology, but adapted in a simple way for the user.

​Cryptographic Keys

​Secure and portable storage devices for your digital certificates.


​Devices protected with strong authentication by fingerprint reading. 

​​Smart card readers

​Communication via USB, NFC or Bluetooth.

​OTP Tokens

​Cards, OTP tokens and biometrics.

​Cryptographic Pendrive with keyboard

​USB memory stick self-encrypted by 

​Our company ChipNet ID SL, selects the best companies of electronic products for the manufacture of their devices according to our own specifications and design, which best adapt to the European market regulations.
Among these companies we highlight "Feitian", whose products since 2004, we distribute with their own brand or with our brand "ChipNet".

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​"We will answer any questions you have about our devices and which one best suits your needs."