ChipNet CriptoDisk

​"High security USB flash drive hardware encrypted with AES-256 algorithm. With encryption and decryption on the device itself."



​"Keypad decryption". 
The key comes from the factory with a 4-digit pin, which can be changed to your own, up to 15 digits.

​Information security

​In case of entering a wrong PIN 10 times in a row, CriptoDisk is formatted to the initial factory state, erasing its stored information and restoring the original PIN.

​Simple operations

​The operation of the CryptoDisk is really simple. You have to press the control button and enter the "PIN" when the red led flashes.
 "Correct PIN": the green led lights up and unlocks it, in case of incorrect PIN the red led flashes quickly and the operation will be cancelled.

​Secure connection

​CryptoDisk has 30 seconds to connect to the computer once it has been unlocked by the "PIN". If it is not connected within this time, it is automatically blocked.

​Operational on any fixed and mobile system

​Thanks to its standalone hardware encryption and decryption feature on the device itself, it can be used on any computer or mobile device, just like a standard flash drive.


​Made of high-strength and lightweight metal alloy. Ergonomic keypad with precise keystroke.

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